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Team: a group of people linked in a common purpose

Rick Moore: Director, Operations & Strategy

Rick started his career as a professional musician and had to learn to design, build and service electronics at an early age. He took those mechanical skills to American Music where he supported local and national artists with technical design and sales through the 1980’s. In 1994 he began a new career phase on the consumer side of entertainment delivery with Magnolia Hi-Fi in Seattle. Rick spent 15 years with Magnolia developing lasting relationships through classic attention to detail. With a passion for learning and a metabolism that wouldn’t allow retirement he embarked an ever developing path focused on commercial audio video and communications for businesses in the PNW.  After working on several large projects the affinity for commercial development became clear. A transition to Madrona Digital was a natural evolution based on their culture of innovation and a desire to provide creative solutions to difficult technical opportunities.  

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