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Team: a group of people linked in a common purpose

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Amir Majidimehr: President & Founder

As Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, Amir managed the Digital Media Division, creating the entire suite of entertainment technologies in Windows. Technologies developed in his group have not only shipped in billions of PCs but nearly as many consumer electronic devices from Sony PS3 to Verizon phones. Two of the most notable are "VC-1" video compression technology (mandatory in Blu-ray Disc format) and WMA audio compression codec. The accomplishments in his team were recognized by an Emmy award (the third one in his career) for innovations in digital delivery of content on the Internet. In addition to Microsoft, Amir has held executive positions at Sony, Pinnacle systems (now Avid), Abekas Video (broadcast TV equipment maker) among others. 

With over 30 years of professional experience in computers, electronics and engineering, Amir brings a level of depth to our capabilities that is rare in this industry. His passion for teaching and interacting with customers is evident from his heavy participation in various technology forums and articles he writes for Widescreen Review and Premier Builder Magazines. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and is the co-inventor on three issued US patents and two pending.

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