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Team: a group of people linked in a common purpose

Isaiah Vering: Vice President, Design & Creativity

Isaiah has been deeply involved in music, electronics, and sound reproduction for most of his life. He is also an accomplished musician. Isaiah’s early interest in audio is evidenced by the fact of his first loudspeaker design in the fourth grade. He went on to develop a career in professional audio, first in the design of touring systems and as a front of house manager and monitor engineer, touring with some of the leading artists of last two decades. Having founded the studio design company Delve Music in the late 90’s, and a few years later opening Delve Music Studios, Isaiah has well over a decade of experience as a designer, engineer, and producer. At Paragon Technologies, Isaiah led their design and installation team through many successful residential and commercial integration projects in both the US and Europe. Isaiah is a graduate of Gonzaga University and holds degrees in music and psychology.

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