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      Why Us

We custom design simple to use and elegant Home Theaters, Audio and Video for every room in the house, Automated Lighting and Shades, Security and Video Monitoring systems, and fingertip control of it all.  We bring you the latest innovations in these areas with solutions that perform well yet fit nicely in your décor.

Whether it is completely invisible speakers that delight your eyes as much as your ears, or home theaters that draw you literally into the movie, we specialize in blending performance with how you like to live and play.  

The best way to realize how we can manage this is to look at our company’s history and team's expertise.  Our success and that of your project come from intimate knowledge of the technologies we deploy and methodically managing the process from start to finish.

Despite the ever increasing complexity of home technology, we simplify what makes it tick in a series of articles, some of which are published in local and national magazines.  Here is a selection:

  • The Revel Performa3 Speakers are here, bringing incredible sound quality and beautiful design.
  • The Design of Electronics for Barrier Mercedes-Benz - Learn how we bring innovation to commercial projects such as the exquisite new Barrier Mercedes-Benz dealership in Bellevue, Washington.
  • Design of this world class home theater - What do you get when you combine 14 audio channels, 17 foot screen, state-of-the-art 3-D projector and computer optimized room acoustics?  The best theater experience anyone has had anywhere! Read what went into its design.  Better yet, come to our design center to experience it firsthand.